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Regardless of if you can afford a $20k diamond or not
these earrings belong in your collection

Jewelry designer Luciana Rose has developed a line of jewelry that’s affordable for everyone that wont turn your ears green, and stones that wont get cloudy or worse turn yellow, only a jewelers loop can tell they aren’t mined diamonds and a true everyday piece you won’t take off.

Own the real deal? That’s great. Add a stunt double … as a jeweler I can’t tell you how many people lose one in the ocean, a party, some bar, and on a run. It’s an expensive experience I wish on no one. When you lose a stunt double the pain is minimal.

It’s amazing how real they look… people are shocked when
they arrive just look at these reviews ….

Pictures can never do jewelry justice, we believe it’s something you need to see to appreciate.

That’s why we want to give all jewelry lovers a pair of our Kiss Me in Paris 14k gold solitaire stud earrings to you for an amazing deal.

Normally we charge upwards of $59.95 for our 14k gold vermeil earrings. But we aren’t going to charge you that today.

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We've made a stone that to the naked eye and father time looks just like a real diamond, but it costs more like a CZ.

That’s our secret source and why so many of our customers like the reviews above simply love them when they arrive.

But most importantly they love them for months and years to come, just like all of our pieces … they are built to last!

We Normally Charge $59.95
But Normal Doesn’t Win Customers

Would 50% Off Get a Ton of New Customers?

We Didn’t Think So.

So we suggested giving a whopping 75% off

We all agreed that offering 75% off $59.95 was a great deal, then our we presented it
to our CEO and she HATED IT and made us do better

So We Made an Even Better Deal

We were shocked she agreed and let us practically give them away, click here to claim them ….
I don’t know what she’s thinking but, you’re not going to want to miss this deal.

Backed by our good girl guarantee

You’ll never have to worry about buyers’ remorse. You’ll love what we send you or get your money back, additionally if it ever turns colors, we will ship you a new one, even if that happens in 10 years from now, we will ship you a new pair no questions asked.

We know our jewelry lasts forever and were prepared to stand by it forever!

All our jewelry is right here in the United States and ready for immediate delivery using the United States Postal Service.

Don’t let this deal slip by, there is no catch … Its cheaper than two cups of coffee at that fancy coffee place you go to each morning and at least this expense will get you a smile and a compliment

When you order today your order will ship immediately and arrive via the USPS in as little as 2 days.

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Still Not Sure You Want To Order a Pair?
See What These Happy Customers Have to Say

When you order today your order will ship immediately and arrive via the USPS in as little as 2 days.

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